MEL Productions is a crime reduction non-profit organisation set up in 2002 to work with socially and economically marginalised individuals that have been the hardest to reach in London. Our mission is to help these individuals to become more productive citizens. We work with offenders and other hard to reach groups. We work with offenders who are at a high risk of offending, high vulnerability and high risk of causing harm. Our services in this area fall into the following three categories:


  • Non-statutory supervised contact/ mentoring/training for young offenders


  • Non-statutory supervised contact/ mentoring/training for adult offenders


  • Restorative justice solutions


Our mentoring projects for young and adult offenders support the government’s integrated offender management programmes working with partners in the statutory and non statutory sectors to reduce re-offending.


Our success in supporting ex-offenders is down to our expertise and commitment to tackling the issues that often lead people to offend, such as lack of skills, low-esteem, homelessness, mental health issues, substance misuse and unemployment.


We use a community model based on a partnership approach to teach ex-offenders new skills and help to create new opportunities for them. At MEL Productions we believe that voluntary sector (VCS) organisations have an important role to play in the criminal justice system. Mel productions are a unique non-profit organisation that is able to provide innovative, quality and cost effective services. Our invaluable experience and in-depth expertise related to offender rehabilitation work places us in a good position to successfully engage in the management of low risk to the most prolific offenders. We work with employers, local authorities and other voluntary charitable organisations to rehabilitate offenders


MEL Productions is always looking to strengthen our partnership network. If you or your organisation would like to work in partnership with MEL Productions in relation to our work with ex-offenders then please contact us via telephone or email.


We work with young and adult offenders. We have a team that consists of qualified probation officers and education professionals who work with individuals at risk of offending and those who have direct experience of the criminal justice system to address their offending behaviour. We work within a multi-agency framework with other partnerships that include schools and local authorities to help offenders reintegrate into the community. The following is an outline of the services that we provide for this client group:



-Visit offenders who are restricted by the Court to reside at a specific residence and provide emotional and practical support.



- Interventions that emphasise self-risk management and which promote the use of internal controls over the long-term 

- Office based non-statutory supervision which emphasise the importance of building a therapeutic. relationship. We use risk management strategies such as expert guidance to bring about understanding about consequences of behaviour, identifying reasons not to offend or cause serious harm.

- Provision of suitable diversion activities, for example, employment.

- Supportive and integrative approaches that involve the community and partnership organisations.



- Using expert guidance to direct those at risk of offending into the path of change related work

- Pro-social network which provides practical and emotional support and disapproves of criminal activity.

- Support to build stable and intimate relationships with adults that provide emotional support.

- Involvement in other activities to divert away from offending such as music education or voluntary work.

- One to one work aimed at Identifying and avoiding risk situations or environments which could precipitate offending.



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MEL Productions (Music Education Language Productions) CIC

25 Churchfield Road


London W3 6BD

Tel: 020 8992 1372

Email: mel@melproductions.co.uk

Web: www.melproductions.co.uk