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MEL Productions has been providing training to our local community since 2002 We are always available to offer clients’ information and advice, guidance about opportunities for work, further education and training, providing extra support with literacy and numeracy skills to help them find full or part-time employment or preparing them for further education.  We also provide music activities for children, young people and adults who would like to find work or volunteering opportunities in this field.

We aim to fill any gaps in their education, offering support to the unemployed, to people with a learning difficulty and those suffering from poor mental health or dealing with depression. We offer interventions to young offenders and those exhibiting anti-social behaviour, providing clients with a solid foundation for the future. We provide practical learning and meet developmental needs for young people and adults, together with structured help and on-going support to help them find worthwhile employment.  



As a Community Interest Company (CIC), which is a not-for-profit organisation, we provide activities and services to benefit the diverse borough-wide community. Our mission is to create social and economic change within the community, promoting wellbeing in the lives of people regardless of age, culture and background. We aim to overcome limitations by imparting life-long learning skills and filling knowledge gaps where there is a need.  

Our ethos is to nurture and empower people to make life-changing decisions through our enhanced training delivery service and to help create and to live in a community that fosters harmony and encourages people to make a positive contribution to our local economy.  We aim to embed basic functional skills for marginalised people, and to ease vulnerability for those who are at risk. Engaging in positive educational media and music activities accelerates the realisation of an individual’s full potential as they develop, grow and attain a new level of excellence.   We aim to provide engaging learning methods to all people regardless of their age or abilities. We will continue to deliver this offer within a fun and enjoyable environment and to take pride in our reputation as an organisation known locally for making a positive and valuable contribution to the community in which we live and work.



- Having a duty of care for our community and a responsibility to deliver it.

- Promoting diversity and equality.

- Increasing community cohesion through social engagement whilst promoting activities that benefit the whole community.

- Improving economic prospects for the local community.

- Adapting learning methods for the benefit of the community and sharing best practice with partners and other providers

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