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We understand that young people are facing difficult times during COVID-19 and are in the same position as the rest of the population.  We know that they are also feeling confused and frustrated on what is going on and eager to understanding the situation of what this all might mean for the future.  We are here to give them the opportunity to be able to talk to us about this and to give them advice on how to cope with any concerns they may have and what they are facing while keeping safe.   

We are here to engage and provide young engage with an open and honest conversation about COVID-19 and how they are feeling about it.  One of our approaches is to be able to take some time out during the week to have a discussion on the latest developments and if young people have any questions or concerns they can raise this with us.


We are providing online services on various music interests for young people wishing to learn all aspects of playing an instrument of their choice.   Why not take on this exciting opportunity during this difficult time learning while keeping safe.  We can offer music advice and guidance on productions, songwriting and arrangement, setting out a music career choice (e.g. creating music package) and protecting your song.  Knowing how to copyright you music, publishing and how to stream your music on various sites, which will give you all the opportunity to build up a fan base and to be heard. 


Anyone young person wishing to receive information on music programming, using DAW software and plugins e.g. Logic Pro X, Pro Tools and Ablerton Live. We can provide support so that you can get the best out of your studio equipment/set-up with additional technical support if you are having problems in using the above software. 


We are also able to provide online vocal sessions on a 1-2-1 basis which will keep you motivated and entertained while isolating at home giving yourself the opportunity on learning all aspects of vocal techniques that will improve your recording in a studio and live performances.

All of the above sessions will help you to achieve your goal and improve your development, increase musical and technical skills especially around composition and vocal technique, as well as improvement in confidence, mental health and wellbeing.

If you would like to send us your songs and want some advice and an opinion on how it was produced, mixed, help with arrangement to give it a better sound, or whether it needs mastering and how you could market it.  You can send us WAV or MP3 using WeTransfer or a link to your Soundcloud.  

All tutorial sessions will be done via Zoom just send us your email address.

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