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People with a learning difficulty often lack formal qualifications and work experience. It is important to us to understand that every case is unique. A person with a learning difficulty may suffer from varying degrees of illiteracy. An inability to read and write at a functional level can lead to emotional distress, frustration and poor self-esteem, resulting in individuals becoming withdrawn or developing more serious behavioural issues. An individual’s coordination difficulties can negatively affect participation and functional everyday skills required in education, work and employment.


We manage learning that is undertaken in a friendly environment, which means that our course leaders can offer individuals’ assistance whenever and wherever it is needed, ensuring that trainees can overcome any difficulties they may encounter.

We have many years experience in supporting people with learning difficulties and have gained an enviable reputation that we work extremely hard to maintain. Whether our clients are individuals or work in a group, we ensure that they receive full support throughout the duration of their training. Through our activities, we are able to assess individual needs and to offer  additional support, or referral to a different provider where beneficial.


























We offer people with a learning difficulty the opportunity to build their confidence by receiving the highest quality training leading to a formally recognized qualification. For clients wishing to continue their education we offer access to the Open College Network (OCN) whose formal qualifications pave the way for entry into college or university.

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