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We work with individuals who have direct experience of the criminal justice system as well as those at risk of re-offending. We work in partnership with specialist organisations to provide opportunities for these individuals to re-integrate into the community through effective rehabilitation.  We provide risk assessments, deliver one to one rehabilitation programs, offer support with education, employment and training as well as providing information, advice and guidance to service users.



We aim to achieve this bY:

  • Partnership networking

  • Up-skilling clients and empowering them through education/ employment based activities linking research to good practice.

  • Providing a platform to share information.

  • Sharing expertise, knowledge and experience with partnership agencies and the wider community

  • We offer bespoke community intervention programmes to offenders to enable them to lead a productive and crime free life.

  • We intervene where appropriate to prevent further incidences of offending. The rehabilitation initiatives we offer present a viable alternative to those at risk of further offending.

  • We assist offenders to comply with the conditions of any court orders through professional supervision by Probation Officers and / or other qualified staff

  • We provide services and support to young and adult offenders leaving custodial care in order to enable successful reintegration into the community

  • We work with experts to provide successful exit strategies to gang members, including the implementation of risk-reduction plans.















Our success in supporting offenders is attributable to our expertise and commitment to tackling at source the issues that often lead to offending.  Our invaluable experience and expertise in offender management places us in a strong position to consult on a wide range of issues related to offending behaviour.  We are thus able to engage in the community management of risk by the most prolific offenders.  We work with statutory agencies, employers, local authorities and voluntary / charitable organisations to rehabilitate offenders.

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