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Nobody should face loneliness at any age. We believe that more can be done to support those vulnerable to the debilitating effects of loneliness. People who are most at risk lack the support of family and friends, and are least likely to have access to information that can provide support.  

People of all ages need to feel connected, to family and community. At MEL they can rely on the support of our extensive network of volunteers to help with their emotional and practical needs. We have been inspired to work alongside those campaigning to end loneliness among the estimated 1.2 m Britons who say they are affected.

At our centre people can work together to combat loneliness and isolation through the services we provide and the policies we have in place to meet the demands of the community.  We want to ensure that loneliness is treated as a public health priority at local and national levels. Together we can tackle loneliness and isolation in older age.


We believe that nobody should experience loneliness and those seeking companionship should not be without it. We want to make this happen by ensuring that:

  • People most at risk of loneliness are offered support and guidance.


  • Services are more effective in addressing loneliness and isolation by creating greater opportunities for community engagement


  • More services and activities are developed to support loneliness in all its forms.

  • We continue to support other organisations to alleviate loneliness and work with them to learn from each other and share best practices.

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